Author Topic: "Pork Choppers" Bill "Fly's" through North Carolina General Assembly  (Read 1085 times)

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Seem's this could be a very effective tool, maybe we could us this on some other unwanted invasive critters.


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"To address this, we needed the best,” Wehner said. “North Carolina’s wild pig population is dispersed across the state. Two-thirds of it lends itself to aerial gunning. Aerial gunning was the best solution.”

North Carolina, along with Virginia, were the only states in the continental United States that didn’t allow the federal government to use aerial culling. Wehner approached the Virginia House of Delegates, who changed that state’s law early this spring, with a law as short and simple as North Carolina’s provision.

In Raleigh, he approached the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, which then turned to the General Assembly.

“The Wildlife Resources Commission called our attention to a program that will let them partner with the federal government to cull feral hogs from an aircraft,” Sen. Brent Jackson, a Sampson County Republican and sponsor of the farm act, wrote in an email. “The Commission indicated that this would be a valuable tool and asked that we change the statutes to allow them to participate in the program.”

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