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SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. out paces other lenders when it comes “Property Tax Refunds”.

The Town of Waxhaw, NC issued refund checks on SunTrust Mortgages at a much higher rate than other loan originators and or servicer’s. 

It’s unknown if the below refunds were due to multiple loans refinanced / sold against the same property ID, where competing mortgage servicer’s both issue a check for property taxes on the same property or are they overpayments in the traditional sense.

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Given the pending BB&T / SunTrust Bank merger we have seen an increase in readership, perhaps its due to our citizens sourced investigative research and connecting dots in such a way that makes (Fake) Loans easy to understand?

The problem arises when the originating lender refinances the original loan, yet the lender long ago transferred that loan in a pool of securitized mortgages and therefor the originator is not the “Note-holder”.   In some cases, shockingly the original loan is never paid off, only a release is recorded.   This leaves two notes payable and outstanding...   

SunTrust Bank says it’s second largest source of funding are advances from the Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) and unsecured debt issuances...

I read this to mean... SunTrust Banks second largest source of capital is advances it receives from the FHLB against unsecured debt issuances...  Or said another way, Fake Loans it pledged to the Federal Home Loan Bank.

Note, how a simple read of the below highlighted section, seems to be written in such a way as to indicate STB’s second largest source of funding is “Secured”. 

To me, it appears just the opposite, more specifically it seems SunTrust is pledging... “Unsecured Debt Issuances” with the FHLB through the back door and leaving with “Secured Funding” out the front door... 

SunTrustScandal, FakeLoans, BB&T, SunTrustBB&TMerger


suntrustscandal, fakeloans, fakeloan, suntrust

Why are federal regulators allowing Title Insurers to insure over/around Fake Loans??

Likewise, why is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau #CFPB allowing Title Insurers to sell “Owners” policies to “Renters”?   

SunTrustScandal, FakeLoans

SunTrust Bank to merge into BB&T...  Did the Federal Reserve force a likely unsound and unsafe SunTrust into a merger with BB&T?


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