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Update - Federal Reserve Investigates SunTrust Bank over allegations the Bank and its Mortgage subsidiary retained mortgage payoffs, booking millions of dollars in #FakeLoans.

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Date: Monday, April 2, 2018 at 9:34 AM
To: Jerome Lienhard <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, Mark Chancy <>, <>, <>, <>, Kevin J Goldade <>, <>, <>

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Subject: Part 1 of 7 - Wells Fargo, Billboards and Jerome's "Double-Booked" Mortgage Miscarriage...

Mr. Lienhard, as the Chief Risk Officer of SunTrust Bank and former CEO of SunTrust Mortgage,

Why is your Trustee using an old superseded Substitution of Trustee to indirectly foreclose on You?  (SOT attached)

Meaning your foreclosing on SunTrust, to indemnify a fake loan and it’s your Trustee and their related attorney that makes off with $700K of your shareholders funds.

I know right, but I'm serious... He's really foreclosing on SunTrust!  Can't make this stuff up!! (Correction Agreement Attached)

This is the same Trustee that’s owned by SunTrust’s  contracted law firm Brock and Scott PLLC.   Same outfit that just dismissed the previous bogus foreclosure after 5 rounds.  All brought with expired documents I might add...

Problem is, with the same Trustee “Knowing" this was a contested Fake Loan case and the Trustee then went ahead and refiled all the while set to pick up $700K in combined "Fee's" off serving as a "Disinterested Party" while representing both sides at inception of filing. 

Next the Trustee brought SunTrust forward in this new proceeding for the “Sixth” time as a "NoteHolder", that's problematic as the Trustee could only bring a "Holder" or "Owner" forward given NC 45-10 (pre HB770).  Square Peg Round Hole kinda deal...

Now this is good... Why do you expect Trustee Services of Carolinas, LLC. allowed TWO separate Lender Affidavits one with STM posturing as an admitted Fake "NoteHolder" (of a Wet-Ink "Copy" of the Original Note) and another with STM as the "Holder" each the Clerk "Time Stamped" at identical times??

Never have I applied my wet ink signature to a "Copy" of an Original Note...

Nor have I been provided an opportunity by the Trustee or a court to "Authenticate" this specific Wet Ink "Copy" of the Original note.

My "Genuine" Wet-Ink Signature was applied to one original Note, that's not been lost.

I'd suggest some might call this a Willful Failure of a "Friendly" Fiduciary...

Or perhaps just a "Lying-Lender"...   

On another note, why is the “SunTrust Executive Vice President of Mortgage Operations” nominating “Convicted Criminals” to "Execute and Deliver” certain loan documents such as “Affidavits, Attestations, Pleadings, Assignments and Insurance Activities” on behalf of SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. (the “Corporation”)??

I didn’t realize SunTrust was so reliant on “Convicted Criminals” to carryout its Mortgage Miscarriages. 

Any chance they stole all your Lost Notes?

Or are they still “Double-Pledged” like the original loan among others via December 22, 2008 SOT.  SunTrust continues to use this "Borrower" to "Wrongfully" create over $6M of fake loan value for SunTrust.

Jerome - You my friend and SunTrust have a serious Double-Pledging problem...

Has SunTrust disclosed this all to the Wells Fargo Board of Directors serving "Notice" of the fallacies and as Master Servicer?  Or how about U.S. Bank National as Trustee?

That's the last thing Wells Fargo needs after SunTrust stuck them with all those Fake Balloon Loans... Whereas, the fed slapped Wells with an order, "Stunting" their growth...

Be sure you closely review the attached Substitution of Trustee dated December 22, 2008, and compare the Borrowers to the signatures on the "uncanceled" notes from 2005...  it's clear your Trustee didn't.

It's still hard to top SunTrust foreclosing on itself byway of indemnification...

Are you going to Subrogate against Brock and Scott and their segregate Trustee as this is kinda like "Mosqueda" 2.0...  Except this one just keeps getting worse...

While I've got you, anybody fired this past week?

I know you announced your shutting down Mortgage and the CEO of Mortgage is out, following the recent departure of former SunTrust Bank CFO, General Counsel and Chief Information Officer of the bank.  That's close to a "Clean-Sweep" of SunTrust's C-Suite...

verb (used with object),in·dem·ni·fied,in·dem·ni·fy·ing.

to foreclose on yourself indirectly due to tangled web of lies, false testimony and double pledged SEC Securitized loans you do not hold. 

Finally, my young son asked me the other night, daddy when are you going to come play with me.  I told him shortly, I was emailing my friend "J"...

He said is he the bank man that "times'es" all the banks notes twice??

I said no son, he's just a nice man at the bank that had that "Special Loans Department" where they allegedly did "Laundry" from September 18, 2007 through December 31, 2010.

This is great... He says...  Daddy....  I said yes son... My son ask...

Did he get any allowance for folding the laundry...

I said no son, but something cost $320,000,000.00 so you be sure and keep getting good grades because daddy doesn't want you growing up stuck washing your "arms" in some special laundromat... 

More here -,613.msg2250.html#msg2250

Happy Easter -

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Wells Fargo fake accounts, SunTrust Bank, SunTrust Mortgage Scandal, Mortgage Scandal, robo signer, foreclosure, bankruptcy, CFPB

SunTrust Mortgage Scandal, Wells Fargo Fake Accounts, Fake Loans

Wells Fargo "Rats-Out" SunTrust after "Collecting" $1.5M off a totally "Fake" Loan...

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SunTrust, Wells Fargo and “Fake” Loans…

Attention - SunTrust Consumers…

If you have a SunTrust Mortgage or Home Equity Line from SunTrust Bank you will want to pay close attention.

Shortly after SunTrust originated your loan, your loan is typically bundled with other loans and transferred in this case to Wells Fargo.  However, Wells Fargo and the Investors in these large pools of loans in many cases (Hundreds of Thousands) never physically received the loan documents from SunTrust.  These must have documents include, the Wet-Ink Note, Deed of Trust or Mortgage and are required to convey the 1) Right to Receive Payments under the underlying Note and 2) The Right to Enforce.   

Meaning, many homeowners are paying a party that lacks any rights in your loan.  These rights include for example, the right to collect your payments.  Said another way… Do you know who owns the rights to your loan? 

Are you paying the party who holds the rights to receive your payments or just a third party loan level sub contractor such as SunTrust Mortgage?

Suppose they didn’t have your loan documents?  Suppose they knew these documents did not exist yet you continued to pay this disinterested party.   Being a party not privy to the loans benefits how would this party be able to cancel your specific debt after you satisfied the debt?

This leaves many still owing the original face about of the loan plus years of interest and fees, all payable to the correct Noteholder.

It's through this scheme Wells Fargo, defrauded the United States by collecting over $1 billion in taxpayer funded credits for loans the bank knew  it lacked the required Original Promissory Notes and Mortgage commonly known as the Collateral Files.  What exactly did Wells do to receive these these credits… More on Credits later…

When you call to inquire about your loan, they use 5 terms interchangeable by design… They are: Lender, Servicer, Owner, Investor and Holder.  However it's the “Note-Holder” who in most every case holds both the right to collect and the right to enforce.

Recently a borrower called SunTrust to pay off their loan, the employee looked in the company’s computer system for the Promissory Note, telling the borrower it was an original.  When questioned SunTrusts Single Point of Contact went on and next, the note had morphed from an “original” into an “original copy”, “original imaged copy” and finally she said it was a “CURRENT VERSION” of the Original Note”. 
Click to listen, 

In a separate case when one Wells Fargo employee became aware of all of these missing notes from SunTrust they honestly conveyed the issue to the customers, their supervisor and others within Wells Fargo.  Within 24 hours they had received multiple emails from Wells Fargo headquarters that the loan documents were in-fact missing and that the company did not have the customers note to enforce the loan or collect the past payments.

Rather than Wells Fargo forwarding the wrongfully collected payments to the correct note holder, something big occurred…   Wells Fargo trickled out “Balloon” Letters to borrowers and directed its employees to lie to its customers and treat the loan like it was a “Balloon-Loan” and its final balloon payment was soon due….

This achieved several things… First, an unsophisticated borrower or elderly homeowner perhaps may actually believe the bank and pay off the fake balloon loan again that was far from being due.  Second, those families that were unprepared and unable to pay off the fake balloon loan were fortunate, in a sick way… Wells was ready to help them by way of a “Modification” or in its true sense “Double-Book” a loan that SunTrust nor Wells Fargo held a right to, all by way of all new wet-ink loan contract. 

You see, this really helps SunTrust.  As SunTrust escaped having to buyback / repurchase hundreds of thousands of defecent loans stemming from SunTrust materially misrepresenting and warranting said loans in the secondary market.  You see SunTrust was broke.  They owed the Private Federal Home Loan Bank “Billions” in off balance sheet loans secured by “questionable" collateral…. This while the SunTrust shareholders dividends remained at near recored lows.

Meaning the “Too Big to Jail” bankers make out, the elderly likely cashed in financial products resulting in costly prepayment penalties and those who modified their loans now owe a SECOND loan and STILL Owe the Original loan which is payable to the current Holder of that still VALID Debt and is hidden behind a wall known as MERS.

For more on how Wells Fargo colludes with SunTrust , Click to listen,

If you found this of interest please consider sharing with others…

Thank you…


Wells Fargo gets "Hood-Winked" in SunTrust "Fake" Loan Scheme...

Wells Fargo loan servicing employee "Fired" for refusing to lie to consumers who were sold "Fake" Loans from SunTrust...

SunTrust Scandal, Wells Fargo Scandal fake accounts, US Bank Scandal


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