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Enter SunTrust Mortgage and the United States Department of Justice Criminal Investigation -

Suntrust Bank and its history of alleged Bank Executive mistruths...

Do you or someone you know have a Mortgage with #SuntrustMortgage ? 

Does Suntrust Mortgage owe you money they perhaps unlawfully collected while lacking authority?

SunTrust Mortgage agrees to a Federal Consent Order stemming from serious banking violations, in part agreeing to adhere to all state and federal laws.

Yet, SunTrust appears to breach its Consent Order resulting in North Carolina being forced to revoke Suntrust Mortgage authority to transact business. 

Thus raising the question, did SunTrust unlawfully originate, service and foreclose on loans while being out of compliance?   

How will SunTrust mitigate such to borrowers given its compliance failure? 

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