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Attorneys Title on...  “it benefits the lender”...

Why would you not get the rightful Note Holders consent?   After all it’s their collateral.

Is it because, no one wants the Note Holder to know about competing liens against the same house?

SunTrustScandal fakeloans

Were you directed to purchase title insurance to cover-up a fake loan scheme used by SunTrust to “Create Money” by extracting equity from fake loans and subsequent liens levied against your home?

Below is an example of a refinance scheme, it occurs when the originator is contacted to obtain the payoff vs the rightful NoteHolder. 

Why would you contact the originator to get the payoff vs the party who has the rights to collect the money defined as the Note Holder??   It’s likely because the payoff was converted into capital to bolster the banks books...

In this particular case, SunTrust Bank received, deposited, and therefore benefited from a payoff in the sum of $1,507,000.00 that was due to the trustee / investor collectively the Note Holder.

No evidence exist indicating SunTrust Bank every paid the prior loan off, further the original and genuine wet note was not returned marked paid in full as requested.  Nor was the deed of trust!

Did SunTrust oversell “beneficial” interest (aka Fake Loans) against your home leaving you with an unmarketable title? 


SunTrust Scandal, Fake Loans

Looks like this issue may be larger than just SunTrust.

Former SunTrust staff on creating documents... 

Has your lender sold an interest in your home to more than one investor and manufactured documents to secure an interest in your equitable holdings?

SunTrust Scandal, Fake Loans

Did SunTrust Mortgage, SunTrust Bank or one of SunTrust third party vendors cloud your title?  If so, you may want to watch the link below....

SunTrust Scandal, SunTrust Mortgage, Brock and Scott, Fake Loans


North Carolina based Brock and Scott sued in federal court over collection practices... 


SunTrustScandal, FakeLoans, Brock&Scott


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