Author Topic: "Playing the Fool" a 600lb Gorilla and the "Schem'in" NC Coastal Federation  (Read 1526 times)

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These illustrations make it very easy to see.


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Meet the "Grant Mill'in" - NC Coastal Federation
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To the point, Agency's should enforce what laws are on the books to prevent this from occurring.

Granted, without the date of abandonment known many other factors such as session law at that time / SOL etc. come into play in any attempt to determine what would have been.

Nevertheless, a number of statues likely addresses this, yet may have been overlooked.

Had, let's suppose that been the case and this abandoned litter was previously removed, with no grant need.  The Feds would have additional funds to bring the agencies into compliance with amendments relative to MMPA / NMFS and the Take Reduction Units.

We have an agency in the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries that is so far beyond compliant its mind boggling.

While having made no mention of Mr. Morris, we do see this as a deliberate "All Call" to the NC Coastal Federation and to let them know the days of their "Grant Bundlers" leaving with a pile of taxpayer funded awards for inland upstream projects while purposely not having the "Nuts" to take a stand on the below clip, is politics at its worst and spineless at its best.

Were going to call it what it is -

This a position NCCF leadership should be ashamed of and one the Board should not tolerate.

This is a topic we will continue to discuss in hopes the Federation will see fit to "Step-Forward" by protecting the juvenile fishery and its bottom habitat as they do the sizzling hot "Environmental Justice" Grant Initiative ...

Who knows perhaps if there were some CRFL Crumbs dangling out there byway of "Grants" they would see fit to do what's right?

But is doing what's right always decided by a check or the stance one must take after being "Bought"??

So...  What is NC Coastal Federations "Price"?  We know you can own Rep. Steinburg for $1K, Tithing Tillman for $1250 yet Bag Lady Boswell is still quite the bargain @ $250...  Guess she has "Knowledge Based" Pricing?? 

#SCFLGate - Report Pending   

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Chris Elkins

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Just a couple of comments.

First, it is general practice to allow a "Match" of funding using volunteer time.  I think that a decade or so ago, NOAA rate on volunteers was $17 an hour.  Don't quote me, but that's what I recall.

The volunteers from NCCF are motivated and CCA NC were motivated, respectively for these habitat projects, and I would hate to see them demotivated by such negative suggestions.

As for the lack of NCCF opposition to specific fisheries issues that seem counter to habitat protection, you should ask them-I will not speak for them.

I know the area in question, as it is about a mile from my house.  It is but one of many areas Downeast in NC that have abandoned gear and boats.  From that site, I can see three abandoned boats in the marsh.  This is a drop in the bucket as to what needs to be done Downeast.

As for attacking James Morris, you are clearly out of line.  I know James from his strong scientific work.  While sometimes we disagree on certain issues, his work (and his colleagues in his group) has been terrific in writing a previously outdated aquaculture policy for the South Atlantic, which was largely copied by other Councils.  This was no small accomplishment.  He has received a Presidential award for his work on lionfish.  Being a shell fish leaseholder he knows the details of shellfish aquaculture, growing up in Downeast Carteret County and going on to his present stature was no small feat.  I won't speak to his views on finfish aquaculture in the sounds, but you could call him.  Nuff said.


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"Playing the Fool" a 600lb Gorilla and the Schem'in - NC Coastal Federation...

NC Coastal Federation recently received a "Taxpayer" Funded Grant totaling $129K with $64K coming from "Blind-Eyed" NOAA...

The remaining $64K needed to round out this Scheme is said to come from NC Coastal Federation volunteers and their contractor as a match(??)

What North Carolina's 1.2M Voting anglers need to know is this "Grand" Grant Scheme is to "Clean-Up" behind a deadbeat claiming operation!

Further, "Who and the HELL" does the NC Coastal Federation think their "FOOLING" by calculating $126K to clean up a mere "600" pounds of "Litter"??

Yes, while YOU work hard, save up to spend a day on the water to catch Little to NO Fish the Schem'in - NC Coastal Federations  "Grant Hustl'ers" are out in full force calculating $215.00 "Per Pound" to clean up 600 lbs of litter!! Yes Litter!  This if the cubic debris on the public trust bottom is left in place as, is it not artificial habitat?  Or do they remove it then apply for another grant to administer and install an artificial reef to achieve the same??  Guess it's ecological benefit depends on what end of the Grant your on?

The NC Coastal Federation has Pimped the Public Trust to the point of having little Trust left...

So who are these PTP's?! 

NC Coastal Federation...  YOUR $215.00 per pound Public Trust Profiteering "Litter Picker-Up'ers"!

If you found this of value consider "SHARING" with other Anglers via Facebook...  As it's time for NC Anglers to demand NC Lawmakers to cut off the "Run Away" Public Trust Pimp'in NC Coastal Federation at the "Grant Pump"!

For years NC Coastal Federation has "Stood-Down" on Fixing NC Fishery, no more folks...  No more...

And BTW @ Citizens Science our articles and post DO NOT cost $250.00 like the NC Coastal Federation wants you to think theirs do!  Remember, you already paid NCCF for those articles byway of taxpayer funded grants!   That's why we need you to SHARE this across Facebook, to stop the NC Coastal Federations Taxpayer Funded Grant Mill!

NC Anglers are "Fools NO More"...


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