Author Topic: BUSTED - “Double-Dipp’in” Dee Lupton and the DMF “Kick-Backs”  (Read 1240 times)

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BUSTED - “Double-Dipp’in” Dee Lupton and the DMF “Kick-Backs”
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Meet “Double-Dipp’in” - Dee Lupton and the DMF "Kick-Backs"

Apparently NCDMF wants YOU the paying “Licensed” public to think the 135ft M/V West Bay handles transporting reef material to all of the Coastal Recreational Fishing Licence (CRFL) Funded inshore and offshore reefs.  Well that’s what you were just told when DMF swooped in for a bucket full of CRFL “Cash” to repair its reef construction “Place-Holder” vessel…. 

While the Recreational Anglers are funding repairs for DMF’s 135ft landing craft to remain in service, after just being told how critical of an asset the M/V West Bay is…  Citizens Science obtains official CRFL documents that show otherwise…

**It should be noted, this issue falls right in the Deputy Directors Lap - NOT the FTE’s of the Division who are being(?) put up to writing grant proposals to fund the holes in Dee Lupton’s “Budget”…. (Deputy Director of DMF)

Yes, NCDMF has a long history of “Outsourcing” reef construction and even science to third parties despite being in possession of all the assets needed to carry out the job, inclusive of very talented hard working FTE's. 

Yet, your Dip-$hit DMF “Leadership” (to the extent it exist) would rather issue CRFL Grants than utilize its own talented field staff and its assets as intended inclusive of DMF FTE Labor!   Why - Angler Funded “Kick-Backs”!

What you need to know, is the DMF thinks Coastal Anglers are FOOL’s…   However, we're - “Fools-No-More”! 

Yes, by issuing CRFL Grants then being so stupid to insert a “Kick-Back”, to be funneled right “back” to the Division for: 1) DMF Labor, 2) Vehicles 3) Meals and possibly even the M/V West Bay!

Hey, Dip’u'Dee Director Lupton isn’t your staff hired to do this very work? 

Why is the Deputy Director allowing CRFL Grants to be issued outside the agency for task that reside at the core of DMF’s very purpose? 

Does Ms. Lupton really think NC’s Licensed Anglers are just that STUPID?  This may be why she likely saw fit none of these publicly available documents would ever see the light of day as prescribed…

You will note below this may be one of the best scams yet…. NCDMF funds a large CRFL Grant, yet inserts  “Kick-Backs” to the Division of Marine Fisheries for using again, FTE (Staff), Vehicles, Meals and perhaps even the M/V West Bay.

This leaves one question - Why is NCDMF not fulfilling their role in conserving, protecting and enhancing marine fisheries given their $21M Budget?   

It appears NCDMF is nothing more than a mismanaged Marine Sub-Contractor with a history of issuing friendly grants / contracts to, in some cases, “Friends of the Family”….  (,643.msg1829.html#msg1829)

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