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How old should kids be to enjoy Ice Fishing?


My son is 13 years old.

Steve Lucas:
I have a son that is 13 and one that is 17.  My 17 year old hates fishing but my 13 year old loves it.  I look back and I was the dad that made my oldest stay out with me all day no matter the fishing good or bad.  My youngest, if was good we fished, if it was slow we fished but called it a day before he reached boredom. 

I’m sharing that for what its worth, for kids its not so much fishing but the experience.  If you're using snow machines, ice huts, heaters, Coleman cooking stoves to cook while fishing that would make for a wonderful experience for your son.  If he’s cold and the your not catching fish then don’t stretch the limit of their attention span.  That will burn him out early on.

Apex, NC


I am curious what age people think is a good age to take a kid ice fishing? My son will be turning 4 in February and he already likes to fish with me. I am getting stoked for this upcoming season and am thinking about taking him for his first time. I also feel like ice fishing is much more of a commitment than the metro pond fishing I have done with him so far, and could be pushing it for a 4 year old.

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