Author Topic: NC's Insufficient Oyster Stock Assessment  (Read 482 times)

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NC's Insufficient Oyster Stock Assessment
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Below is a great example of how lawmakers in Raleigh have run off attempting to build a high rise without first "Assessing" its "Insufficient" foundation... 

It's time to fund NCDMF with long term dependable dollars allowing staff to focus on rebuilding NC's fishery rather than rebuilding its patrol boats.  #FullyFundMarineFisheries

Insufficient Oyster Stock Assessment - There are insufficient data to conduct a traditional stock assessment for the eastern oyster in North Carolina, therefore population size and the rate that oysters are removed from the population could not be determined.

Species designated by the Division of Marine Fisheries with a concern status exhibit one or more of the following: increased effort, declining landings, truncated age distribution, or are negatively impacted by biotic (living, biological) and/or abiotic (non-living, physical) factors, such as water quality, habitat loss, disease, life history or predation.

The status of oysters in North Carolina continues to be defined as concern based on trends in commercial landings and other factors that affect the stock.

North Carolina commercial oyster landings have been in decline for most of the past century. This decline was likely started by overharvest and increased by other factors such as, habitat disturbance, pollution, disease, or other biological and environmental stress. Oysters are believed to be more vulnerable to overharvest because these other factors also impact their survival.

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