Author Topic: 2009-H: DMF, CAMA Permit Review  (Read 412 times)

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2009-H: DMF, CAMA Permit Review
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2009-H: DMF, CAMA Permit Review

CRFL Grant Request: $ 386,914 (YR1 $135,325 / YR2 $125,555 / YR3 $126,035)
Project Title: Minimizing Habitat Impacts Through Enhanced Review of Coastal Development Permits

Project Administrator: DMF, Anne Deaton

Project Description:  This grant will fund two positions in the Division of Marine Fisheries dedicated to reviewing coastal development permit applications to other environmental agencies including participation in pre-application meetings, site meetings, COE plan development teams, DOT merger teams, coordination and negotiating meetings, as well as interagency training This was a recommendation of the Coastal Habitat Protection Plan. Commenting on permit applications is a key tool that DMF uses to protect and sustain marine and estuarine resources.

DMF Website for 2009-H: CAMA Permit Review application: