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General Discussion / Re: How old should kids be to enjoy Ice Fishing?
« Last post by Steve Lucas on November 17, 2017, 08:39:53 AM »
I have a son that is 13 and one that is 17.  My 17 year old hates fishing but my 13 year old loves it.  I look back and I was the dad that made my oldest stay out with me all day no matter the fishing good or bad.  My youngest, if was good we fished, if it was slow we fished but called it a day before he reached boredom. 

I’m sharing that for what its worth, for kids its not so much fishing but the experience.  If you're using snow machines, ice huts, heaters, Coleman cooking stoves to cook while fishing that would make for a wonderful experience for your son.  If he’s cold and the your not catching fish then don’t stretch the limit of their attention span.  That will burn him out early on.

Apex, NC
General Discussion / How old should kids be to enjoy Ice Fishing?
« Last post by JensenBreck on November 17, 2017, 08:11:55 AM »

I am curious what age people think is a good age to take a kid ice fishing? My son will be turning 4 in February and he already likes to fish with me. I am getting stoked for this upcoming season and am thinking about taking him for his first time. I also feel like ice fishing is much more of a commitment than the metro pond fishing I have done with him so far, and could be pushing it for a 4 year old.

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North Carolina Marine Fisheries / Fishing near Winston Salem
« Last post by JensenBreck on November 17, 2017, 08:07:54 AM »

I plan on making a trip down to see my buddy in Winson Salem, and we plan on doing some local fishing a few of the days I am down. I actually planned my trip down to corrispond with the full moon at the end of March, hoping to catch the bass spawn... although that is at the end of my trip down. (Going down March 19-30th)
We will be fishing most likely from shore, as we do not have a boat... (Although we are contemplating fishing Kernersville lake and renting a row boat... however I have heard mixed reviews of that lake) We will fish for and catch anything that is of decent size... bass, catfish, whatever will give us a decent fight. All fish will be released, as we fish for recreation.

I guess what I'm trying to determine is what are the best options for success fishing from shore within a 30 minute drive of Winston Salem? Also what baits/lures seem to produce the late March bite?
And so you dont feel like I am wasting your time, I have done some searching and found minimal information on this region, nothing too recent and no real solid leads.

For more details: video marketing

Red Wolf Exclusive Interview with Private Landowner Mr. Jett Ferebee -

What went wrong...  (link below)

Click here -

Red Wolf Scandal, USFWS Red Wolf Recovery Program, Red Wolf Update, Red Wolf Hybrid, Citizens Science

Pricey Harrison - Don't you really reside in Beaufort... Yet, "Vote" in Greensboro?   Asking for a few voting fisherman...

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Bob Steinburg


As I understand the votes-

Bush-Voted for Option-B
Brady- Voted for Option-B
Duval- Voted for Option-E

Many accolades to Duval (NCDMF) on her vote for the resource!  She lost 2-1 with NC's commercial supporters voting against her on the internal vote.  NC's vote becomes "For option B". 

On the final vote NC has only one vote, the commercial fishing industry won and the resource lost.

Now, someone explain to me how David Bush doesn't have a conflict of interest.  Is Omega Protein not a paying member of NCFA?  Cooke (Wanchese Fish Company) just bought Omega.  We know of the long history of WFC being a primary financial supporter for the NCFA.

Not only did Bush vote to increase the commercial harvest, he voted to give 78% of the total commercial menhaden quota to Virginia, which is Omega Protein.

How is this ethical?

Does a NC delegate to the ASMFC not have similar ethical requirements as a member of the NCMFC?

A member of the Commission shall not use the member's official position as a member of the Commission to secure any special privilege or exemption of substantial value for any person. No member of the Commission shall, by the member's conduct, create an appearance that any person could improperly influence the member in the performance of the member's official duties. Commissioners having questions about a conflict of interest or appearance of conflict should consult with counsel to the Marine Fisheries Commission or the secretary’s ethics liaison. Upon discovering a conflict, the commissioner should inform the chair of the commission in accordance with N.C.G.S. 138A-15(e
...a member of the Marine Fisheries Commission shall not vote on any issue before the Commission that would have a "significant and predictable effect" on the member's financial interest. For purposes of this subdivision, "significant and predictable effect" means there is or may be a close causal link between the decision of the Commission and an expected disproportionate financial benefit to the member that is shared only by a minority of persons within the same industry sector or gear group.

I don't have much time this morning, but I'll have to do a little research on this one...

Looks like Bush was instrumental in raising the quota...I'm sure he appreciates his paycheck.  For those that might not known, Mr. Bush is employed by the NCFA (North Carolina Fisheries Association) as a biologist.

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#mortgagemill #suntrustscandal

Click the video link at the bottom, and see for yourself…  SunTrust doesn’t know who has or even where the original $982K promissory note is. 

Therefor just like SunTrust this homeowner is unwilling to fund a loan where the original note is not present.  Further who is even the rightful noteholder or the party entitled to collect?

Would you pay off a vehicle (example) if the lender was unable to provide you with title?

When questioned, SunTrust sent this homeowner to Wells Fargo, the Courthouse, the Title Company etc…. All before SunTrust finally admitted they are not in possession of the note.

If you found this interesting consider sharing with a friend or family and be sure and bookmark this page as we continue to update this developing investigation into SunTrust Mortgage Servicing Practices.

#mortgagemill #suntrustscandal
NC Homeowner and family of 4 find a friend in Judge Robert Payne who sanctioned SunTrust Mortgage, concluding that a SunTrust employee willfully altered emails that in-house lawyers and senior management knew would likely be at the center of the litigation.

The bank made the “decision to bury its corporate head in the sand,” Payne Ruled.   Payne went on stating… “The consequences of ST’s failure to face up to its responsibility [for the employee’s spoliation of evidence] … adversely and significantly affected and burdened this litigation and the judicial process,” Payne wrote. 

“The handling of the matter by St’s in-house counsel [and its management that led to the citation of the February 22nd email in the [first amended complaint] and the aftermath thereof constituted an abuse of the litigation process.”

Citizens Science has uncovered is simply put…  More of the same…  SunTrust Mortgage documents that are manipulated and expired… yet have been entered into the courts recored.

* Full Story -

*Full Text -
Suntrust Mortgage Scandal / Re: Suntrust Mortgage Scandal
« Last post by citizensscience on November 13, 2017, 01:24:42 PM »

So let’s get this straight, SunTrust is attempting to do what to these folks…

SunTrust Mortgage after knowing they inserted “Expired” documents (see 11/9/17 letter) into the Court record, suddenly the correct documents happen to appear over 2 yrs later.

Now we learn, SunTrust has an illusion they can somehow (??) insert the (invented??) correctly dated docs into the Courts file prior to... or at the same time the original action was brought?   
Suntrust Mortgage Scandal / SunTrust Mortgage and “Document” Accuracy…
« Last post by citizensscience on November 11, 2017, 02:52:12 PM »
Now this is very interesting… is it not…

What we know… Reginald Whitfield, supposed Officer of SunTrust Mortgage and acting on behalf of US Bank Association National appointed Trustee Services of Carolina as Substitute Trustee. 

Someone seems to have deliberately taken a “Sticky-Note” (previous post) and placed across the Delegation of Signing Authority language on the Exhibit then ran that document through a “Xerox” machine (#DocumentMill) to fabricate a new document without such language. 

Citizens Science has now obtained documentation that indicates SunTrust Mortgage will ONLY engage Suppliers who will …”commit to the assurance of all documents FILED on behalf of SunTrust”…

Since SunTrust Mortgage has now admitted in its CFPB response dated November 9, 2017 the documents “FILED” were NOT accurate, (rather expired) it seems SunTrust will now have no choice except to dismiss a proceeding that was brought forward with expired false documents…

Has anyone seen the SunTrust Bank Risk Management Committee?? 

The North Carolina Office of Administrative Courts should send SunTrust an invoice for staffs time not to mention loading the public record with false documents!

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