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Suntrust Mortgage Scandal / Suntrust Scandal
« Last post by citizensscience on December 15, 2018, 01:31:48 PM »
Is a major house cleaning underway at the Atlanta headquarters of SunTrust Bank...

CRO departs the C-Suite following the departure of SunTrust Banks CFO, COO, CIO and the CEO of SunTrust Mortgage each having departed in recent months...

How many fake loans does SunTrust have levied against your home?

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Suntrust Mortgage Scandal / Suntrust Scandal
« Last post by citizensscience on December 12, 2018, 09:08:41 PM »
Meet... The Title Company of North Carolina and Old Republic Title Insurance.   

We thought it would be good to update the regulators and the #CFPB on SunTrust Banks semi-official “Fake-Loan” title insurer of choice...   The Title Company of North Carolina and Old Republic Title Insurance Company...

For some reason Ms. Davis will not return voicemails.  Having now left four all remain unreturned...  I suppose you have to purchase a different Owners Policy or buy the Return Your Call  “Endorsement”...(??)

Nevertheless, we have very good idea why Old Republic is running, and refuses to return its calls.

You see, Old Republic is “aiding” SunTrust Bank, collecting millions insuring SunTrust Banks “Fake Loans” these in part are pledged with the Federal Home Loan Bank. 

More on this in the coming post...

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Suntrust Mortgage Scandal / Suntrust Scandal
« Last post by citizensscience on December 12, 2018, 07:14:35 PM »

The fake-loan “Cover-Up” is on...   

If perhaps you saw one of our Billboards across the State and like it, please consider sharing this link with others... 

In these next post we will expose just how large of risk North Carolina residents may have, due to SunTrust Bank “Double-Selling” loans against their homes...

In fact, the NC General Assembly made it permissible for the previous owners, SunTrust Bank line of credit to encumber your property post closing.  And you have no way of knowing.

This is known as a “Hidden Lien” and results from SunTrust Bank retaining your payoff at closing to cashflow the bank then advancing the principle and interest payments on your loan to mask the scheme...   

If you bought your house or property from someone who had a SunTrust loan somewhere in the chain of title your likely at risk...

There is much more coming, as we introduce you to the swamp lobby by name and unregistered swamp lobbyist working hard to erode property rights and make North Carolina a Lien Theory State...   

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Suntrust Mortgage Scandal / Re: Suntrust Scandal
« Last post by citizensscience on December 11, 2018, 10:10:25 AM »
With SunTrust Bank “booking” fake loans against the assets of unknowing North Carolina homeowners and leveraging those loans for Capital the question becomes, who makes the principle and interest payments to cover all their fake loans?

SunTrust does...  This is achieved in part by the loan “servicer” (SunTrust Mortgage) advancing P&I payments to cover their fake loans, whereas treating the loans as if they are simply delinquent...

What bank do you know, whom out of the goodness of their heart would advance payments on behalf of a delinquent homeowner? 

Has SunTrust targeted your homes equity in its fake loan account scheme?   

#suntrustscandal, #fakeloans, suntrustscandal, fakeloans

Suntrust Mortgage Scandal / Re: Suntrust Scandal
« Last post by citizensscience on December 07, 2018, 09:17:59 PM »
Attention Regulators:  SunTrust Can’t Count... 

North Carolina homeowners are learning the harsh results wherein SunTrust Bank “Oversold” secured interest in their customers homes.

More alarming, this relates to previous owners loans, up line in the chain of title.  SunTrust Bank kept loan payoffs yet never paid off the corresponding loans...

This leaves the protected purchaser with a lien that will wipe you right out of your house...

Did the previous owners of your home have a mortgage with SunTrust??

Watch-Out...  Your homes equity may be financing SunTrust Bank capital plan many, many times over...  Remember, SunTrust can’t count...

So what’s really going on?  It appears their Risk Tolerance has caught up with them... 

In the last post we explained how SunTrust extracts the equity from your home to secure “Loans” for the benefit of SunTrust Bank. 

SunTrust has a problem in that it can’t count.   It has a real problem levying too many security interest against the same house, creating conflicting lienholders...

Now image you didn’t owe SunTrust Mortgage a penny, yet they instructed the trustee to foreclose... 

This should be restated, image you not only didn’t owe SunTrust anything, but you had never even filled out a credit application with SunTrust Mortgage Inc. yet there’s a foreclosure against your equity...

Read this close, it’s not the homeowner who’s being foreclosed on, it’s SunTrust Bank who’s in default..

Being SunTrust defaulted and can not meet its obligations to its “Funder” in the secondary market, the trustee forecloses on your house.

You see, but in this case, the foreclose is by way of an instrument or mortgage against your house, you signed years ago and long ago paid off. 

A very close read of Ms. Ballos statement say this;

There is a foreclosure against your home, we’re not reporting any negotiable credit reporting; because SunTrust is in default with its “Funder” and we (the bank) provided your homes equity to secure capital to fund the bank, and we’re sorry but the foreclosure is listed in your name as your name is on the “security instrument” being foreclosed upon.

This should be of grave concern to anyone with a SunTrust Mortgage or one lingering as a Hidden SunTrust Lien in their chain of title. 

Plz share -

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Suntrust Mortgage Scandal / Suntrust Scandal
« Last post by citizensscience on December 04, 2018, 10:10:11 AM »
Homeowners are at risk due to SunTrust Bank “Overselling” and or retaining, warrants and or derivatives which encumber your home. 

SunTrust Bank calls them intangible assets, when their simply a lien against your house.

North Carolina homeowners appear to have the highest risk of having their homes foreclosed upon by Investors who are currently pursuing SunTrust (Debtor) for repayment.

This isn’t the first time SunTrust has found itself in default stemming from the failure to pay Investors and Trustees sums owed...

Homeowners who never had a SunTrust Mortgage loan are at the highest risk, as they are the least suspecting...

It appears SunTrust Bank apparently bought and sold (brokered) so many fake loans as a Marketmaker it couldn’t keep track of the liens, nor could it’s mortgage subsidiary keep up the payments, ultimately with SunTrust Mortgage being declared in “Default”.

The practice of dealing in fake loans creates conflicting claims from various creditors whom previously were unknown to the homeowner / purchaser is of great concern.

It got so bad it forced the North Carolina General Assembly to redefine in law, as it relates to the defining an owner of real property...

To include:  ...A purchaser, whom was surprised to learn the SELLERS equity line of credit still encumbered the purchasers property....   Nice... 

Now, don’t be fooled,  the homeowner isn’t the purchaser, your the “Renter / Tenant” the purchaser is China and others hostile nations that buy our mortgage backed securitized debt obligations, knowing the full faith of the American government in most cases backs it.

How does this occur...

SunTrust (as Debtor) pledges your home as collateral wherein SunTrust benefits by extracting all the equity from your home to create money or value for the “State Member Bank”... 

The extraction of your homes equity is reduced and memorialized your assets into an electronic document of title as security and or lien against your house. 

This includes liens from many “SELLERS” ago... 

Here the homeowner’s not in default, nor is there a loan between SunTrust Mortgage and this homeowner.

Josh Stein the NC Attorney Generals Office was unable to force SunTrust Mortgage to produce a default letter as requested by the homeowner. 

SunTrust Mortgage was the SELLER and defaulted, by failing to pay sums owed to their LENDER requiring their lender / funder to send the below referenced LENDER Default Letter to the Debtor (SunTrust Mortgage).   

Again, it’s SunTrust Mortgage who borrowed the money from the LENDER and leveraged the homeowners property as collateral. 

Only problem for SunTrust... they lacked the proper agreements to subordinate and hypothecate the oversold security interests.  Thats where is the “Production Department” steps in... 

It’s through their own head and imagination, persons interconnect genuine instruments, one or more notes and or bonds in such a manner as to produce a new instrument and have Dave Van Aken sign it then present as if the instrument so created were genuine... 

** Regulators don’t overlook the above and be sure to follow the below $1.65M lost note back on the same property where you will see it originated two owners prior back in 2004. 

Why is SunTrust, a “State Member Bank” underwriting and acquiring “Equity Securities” (Fake Loans) reducing purported loans into “Book-Entries” and subsequently “Dealing” in these “Off-Balance Sheet”, intangible assets (aka fake loans) otherwise known as Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSR’s).

Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSRs) are the “Book-Entry” carried forward on a banks balance-sheet, which are nothing more than billions and billions of alleged assets (loans) wherein these loans were previously sold off...

SunTrust refers to their “Fake Loans” publicly as “Intangible Assets” when fact they are “Fake Loans”... 

Below illustrates a first hand account of how lenders (TBW) and state member banks benefit by encumbering your property with “Fake Loans”... 

Thank you to those employees @ #BOA for sharing this developing thread.  If any current or former SunTrust Employees wish to make contact you can reach us by simply picking a user name and messaging us.

We would be grateful and add you to the list of former SunTrust employees who are eager to talk...

Please consider sharing on Facebook as it’s unknown just how many loans SunTrust has defaulted on harming unknowing homeowners.

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Suntrust Mortgage Scandal / Re: Suntrust Scandal
« Last post by citizensscience on November 18, 2018, 10:10:04 AM »
SunTrust Bank Chief Risk Officer and former SunTrust Mortgage CEO, Mr. Jerome Lienhard is out, as bank advises of changes to its executive leadership team...

Securities and Exchange Commission advised investors, Mr. Lienhard informed SunTrust Board of his retirement November 1, 2018.

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Suntrust Mortgage Scandal / Re: Suntrust Scandal
« Last post by citizensscience on November 05, 2018, 12:14:13 PM »

Update - Federal Reserve Investigates SunTrust Bank over allegations the Bank and its Mortgage subsidiary retained mortgage payoffs, booking millions of dollars in #FakeLoans.

SunTrust scandal, SunTrust investigation, SunTrust Mortgage
Commercial fishing interest sound an alarm, looking to have the current administration curtail regulations on commercial fishing.

#commercialfishing #ncdmf #ncmfc #noaa #usdoi #cca #ncwf
The law regarding the NC Fireman's Relief Fund has been changed since the above information.  See here :

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