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Suntrust Mortgage Scandal / Re: Suntrust Mortgage Scandal
« Last post by citizensscience on March 13, 2018, 10:32:12 PM »
Wells Fargo, SunTrust Scandal

Date: March 13, 2018 at 10:23:31 PM EDT
To: Jerome Lienhard <>,,,,, Mark Chancy <>,,

Subject: Jerome's got a "Collateral" problem...

Mr. Lienhard -

When was the last time SunTrust Bank as Collateral Custodian had its "Floor-plan" checked?  -,613.msg2224.html#msg2224

You know against the Warranties and Representations made to MBS Certificate Holders??

Don't you have a collateral problem?

Come on and fess up...  or have you retired like all the others in the past few weeks?

Finally, have you alerted your Master Servicer's and the Trustees about the hundreds of millions, worth of loans SunTrust securitized that seem to be of "No-Effect" and a "Nullity", the public knows them better as just "Securitized" Fake Loans??

Suntrust Mortgage Scandal / Suntrust Mortgage Scandal
« Last post by citizensscience on March 13, 2018, 09:21:54 PM »
SunTrust Scandal and Fake Loans

What is a "Fake Loan"??

If your loan got "Double Pledged" to the Federal Home Loan Bank, you may now have a "Fake Loan"...

Suntrust Mortgage Scandal / Re: Suntrust Mortgage Scandal
« Last post by citizensscience on March 13, 2018, 09:15:07 PM »
SunTrust Scandal

Is the Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) the "Document Custodian" for SunTrust??

With Mortgage Backed Securities being sold, represented and warranted as being "Bankruptcy Remote" did SunTrust commit securities fraud as it relates to the Special Purpose Entity, violate the "Purpose" of this Special Entity?

Where is U.S. Bank Association N.A as Trustee on all of this??  Crickets...

More specifically did SunTrust "Pledge" unknowing MBS Certificate Holders "Wet-Ink" Notes at the FHLB to gain over $10,000,000,000.00 "Billion" in private loans from the "Lender of Last Resort" via the Discount Window "Workaround" better known as the Term Auction Facility... 

Are you a #SunTrustShareholder? 

Wells Fargo, SunTrust Securities, US Bank National
Suntrust Mortgage Scandal / Suntrust Mortgage Scandal
« Last post by citizensscience on March 12, 2018, 08:54:17 PM »
SunTrust Scandal

Big shake-up at SunTrust.  22yr longtime SunTrust Employee and CEO Dorinda Smith is out... 

The press release gives the glaze that Ms. Smith is simply retiring... Humm...

We seem to feel a "Very Serious Investigation" into SunTrust could be affecting the enterprise as it relates to its most recent alleged Bankruptcy Fraud, spanning from December 2015 - January 2017.

Citizens Science covered and illustrated where SunTrust had filed Fake Proof of Claims Forms with the United States Trustee.  STM alleged U.S. Trustee Criminal Fraud -,613.msg2083.html#msg2083

Let's not forget SunTrust Mortgage had just recently utilized $320,000.00 of shareholder equity (funds) to likely keep some of their staff from being criminally indicted.  (See video link below)
Suntrust Mortgage Scandal / Re: Suntrust Mortgage Scandal
« Last post by Jimmy Taylor on March 12, 2018, 12:44:51 AM »
Suntrust bought my mortgage, so I only have experience with P&I payments and paying off the loan--I can't review their underwriters, etc. I did not use them for escrow, so I can't comment on their handling of that, either. I aggressively paid down my loan for the last year, sending them large payments with a few months over $10k. They received those payments as a direct payment from my checking account just fine. But on the final month, they rejected my payment and sent no notice to me. I called them inquiring about it because I didn't see my balance go to zero. I was told that they had received my final payment, congratulated me on paying it off, and it should take a day or two to post. It didn't post.

Instead, they have a policy that any payoff amount greater than $5k would only be accepted if it was done by wire. They blamed the reason for that on "costs to close the account." If that were true, then they wouldn't require it for final payments less than $5k. And it wasn't a problem for my earlier large payments--they accepted and cashed those just fine. If I had instead paid (as usual) all but $1 and then paid (as usual) a final payment of $1, everything would have been fine and I wouldn't have needed to buy a wire.

In the end, I had to pay a bit more interest, which isn't really a big deal. They couldn't confirm when they could receive a wire, so I had to pay more and then wait two weeks for the extra to be refunded. Also, that doesn't really bother me too much. Once they got the wire, they took care of everything, sent me my refund, etc., properly. However, the simple practice of discouraging people from paying off their loan, making it difficult to do so, not informing me of rejection of my payment, having employees who don't know the rule, and then told me bad information that my payment had been received IS a problem.

Another problem is their online security. I had an online account with password which they decided wasn't good enough. I don't care for companies going to stupid lengths for passwords because when they are hacked it's not because people didn't use special characters, capitals, greek letters, or emojis. It's because the company's system is breached and individuals' passwords are stolen. Also, their 'security' questions were entirely made up things I couldn't answer or the answer might change over time. How am I supposed to remember what my favorite food was decades after signing up for an account? What it tells me is they don't actually care about real security or user experience. They were given some generic advice & probably a bad list of security questions and rolled it out without even reviewing or testing it. In the end, I don't like them or trust them. I will not do business with them again.
Suntrust Mortgage Scandal / Fake Loans and Lost Notes - SunTrust Scandal
« Last post by citizensscience on March 11, 2018, 08:45:08 PM »
SunTrust Scandal

Fake Loans, Lost Notes and SunTrust Mortgage -

SunTrust will not fund a loan where the original wet ink note isn't present, so why then, does SunTrust not have any of these Orginial Notes?

Did SunTrust loose the notes after they bought them or after they double-pledged the notes? 

Wells Fargo purchased these worthless Fake Loans from SunTrust, later discovering the underlying documents (assets) do not exist.   

Click here -

#SunTrust Scandal, Jerome Lienhard, SunTrust Mortgage, SunTrust Bank

Jerome Lienhard was named chief risk officer of SunTrust Banks, Inc., effective November 1, 2015. In this role, he is responsible for the company’s risk discipline including market, operational, credit and compliance risk and oversees the risk review assurance function, and portfolio risk analytics and modeling.   

Prior to being named to this position, Lienhard served as president and chief executive officer of SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. Lienhard joined SunTrust Bank in 2006 as senior vice president and treasurer responsible for funding, treasury operations, portfolio management and asset liability management. Prior to joining SunTrust, he was senior vice president and treasurer for Freddie Mac. He joined Freddie Mac after an eighteen-year career with Toyota, his last role being corporate treasury manager for Toyota Motor Credit Corporation.

Lienhard earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a master’s degree in International Finance from the University of Southern California. He currently chairs Housing Policy of the Financial Services Roundtable. He is a a board member of the Virginia Council of Economic Education and a Trustee of Virginia Union University.

(Below) SunTrust get caught yet again in its “Fake Loan” Scheme, inventing documents that did not exist nor were the documents SunTrust speaks to present at the closing table…. This is why its so important to know who you are paying and if they have the “Right to Collect".  SunTrust does not own this loan, they know this and we thought we would let a few others know this too.  Meaning the borrower cannot pay off their loan.  No one at this point really knows who has the “Right to Collect” and SunTrust is for some reason trying to mask who the real “Noteholder" is.  Were not giving in, so stay tuned and see the latest below.

Date: March 11, 2018 at 2:04:25 PM EDT
To: Jerome Lienhard <>,,,,, Mark Chancy <>, Ben Barco <>,,, Elizabeth Stone <>


Subject: Little Bo-Peep and... SunTrust Mortgage...

Mr. Lienhard -

First, let me congratulate the Virginia Cavaliers for a great win over the Heels yesterday. 

As this relates to us... Now and again it's good to rejoice in unity... 

It's even more meaningful when it's between us... Two opposing parties, the Trustee SunTrust Appointed, and best yet SunTrust’s own expert witness, who had “personal knowledge”. 

It's not often when the Attorney for Substitute Trustee, and SunTrust Mortgage own Operations Manager all agree with the SunTrust Attorney and defendants counsel, whereas stating the Note is in fact, not lost, nor has it ever been...

Kinda started off sounding a little bit like “Little Bo-Peep”…  didn’t it…

Hey, but in all seriousness... 

Mr. Lienhard - Wells Fargo is trying to get-up with you over this…  Among others… In fact, another big bank may be looking to connect with you too…

While your trying to figure out what just happened, and how all of us agree so easily, I've been trying to tell you I'm easy going and one who strives for consensus, I don't know?  Perhaps ur just hard headed?

At this point it has nothing to do with me, or this file.  Rather everything to do with:

- MBS's, PSA's, MLPA's, Article 9, SPV's, Securitization, Delivery, REMIC, Entity Level Tax Exemption, SFAS Rules, GAAP, Pierced and "Not-So" Bankruptcy Remote... 

Let's not forget @ the Federal Home Loan Bank... You know...

SunTrust has some real problems... Are you planning on disclosing to your shareholders all those 2011 NC Mortgages that appear to be of no effect, you know it's in the $100's of millions... 

Or are you just going to wait on the next HAMP program so you can falsely claim federal modification credits to "Re-Connect Lost Lien-holds"?

SunTrust has a real credibility problem -

Now, all of us agreeing on the Note, now that's special... Not to mention it's SunTrust contracted Attorney & Trustee firm that underscored it.

As if all that wasn't enough, you need to let me know how ur gonna handle your Double Pledged / ARM Rate Change Scheme as it relates here... 

You sure have a lot to get to krack'in on...

Suntrust Mortgage Scandal / Who’s you “Noteholder”?
« Last post by citizensscience on March 11, 2018, 07:10:49 AM »
SunTrust Mortgage Scandal

For those just joining this unbelievable story, one where two banks Wells Fargo and SunTrust seem to be fighting it out over who has the 1) Right to Collect and 2) Right to Enforce… 

Here’s an internal email from Wells Fargo instructing its employees on what NOT to say when the borrower calls to inquire…

All the borrower wanted to know is who had the right to collect (payoff) on their loan… 

Who are you paying, do they have the right to collect on your loan?  Current borrowers want to know…

Wells Fargo “Rats-Out" SunTrust in "Fake Loan" Scheme...

Holder, Owner, Investor, Lender or “Noteholder”…

How long has SunTrust Mortgage had you snowed, collecting on a Fake Loan they do not own??

Below is an amazing set of events best described as a metamorphosis… One that effects the two founding elements of a promissory note…

1) The Right to “Collect”

2) The Right to "Enforce"

Keep in mind, this is all relating to the same Fake Loan number that SunTrust has been collecting on for years…  SunTrust doesn’t know what rights they have under the Note… That is until Wells Fargo appears to yank an knot in SunTrust Mortgage, who is Wells Fargo’s Loan Servicing Sub-SubContractor.  With quite the checkered past we might add…

- SunTrust Mortgage acting as the "Servicer" States the "NoteHolder" is SunTrust Bank.

- Next SunTrust Mortgage as the Servicer, states it’s the Owner / Investor in the “Same” said loan.

-  Wells Fargo then, calls out SunTrust giving rise to the rights to collect and enforce may lie within a RMBS Trust that’s controlled by Wells Fargo and NOT SunTrust.

- SunTrust Mortgage "Backs-Off" its prior statements by inserting specific language - "For Information Purposes" SunTrust Mortgage is the Owner / Investor of said loan.

- Wells Fargo sends another letter saying in summary...  Wells Fargo as likely the Master Servicer over its Loan Level Servicing “Sub-Contractor” SunTrust Mortgage and we are investigating why SunTrust Mortgage continues to pursue and collect on loans they do not own….

And this Borrower just wants to know who to pay?

Who’s your Noteholder?  Do you have a SunTrust Loan?  Are your paying the party that has the “Right to Collect” or just anyone at SunTrust that sends you a statement?


Suntrust Mortgage Scandal / Suntrust Mortgage Scandal
« Last post by citizensscience on March 10, 2018, 05:49:07 PM »
#SunTrust Scandal

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